First Families & Early Settlers of Montana


The Montana State Genealogical Society issues First Families of Montana certificates to descendants of the very first residents who arrived before statehood on 8 November 1889.

The Montana State Genealogical Society issues Early Settlers of Montana certificates to descendants who arrived between 9 November 1889 and 31 December 1929.

Family descendant certificates will also be issued to those who provide proof that a sister or brother of a direct descendant meets the qualifications of either a First Family or Early Settler of Montana.

If approval is given, ancestors will be published in the next volume of our series "First Families and Early Settlers of Montana". Pictures are printed when available and we welcome stories about a half of a printed page in length about the ancestors as well. See sample page from Volume III.

To Submit an Ancestor: (* Required Forms for Application)

Eligibility & Instructions

The Application * (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Pedigree Chart or Relationship Chart * (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Sample Certificate * Please show us how you would like your name spelled on the certificate.

Send Applications to:

First Families of Montana Applications
PO Box 1012
Condon MT 59826

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